Got Funding / Need a Quote?

Got Funding?

Very often children with special needs receive funding. From many different sources, NDIS, Leapfrog, Samaritans, Fachsia, and many other wonderful organisations who understand our children's needs. We don't have list of who provides funding, we wish we did. But if you have funding from one of the organisations:


One Stop Sensory Shop understands how the funding system works, and the process to receive goods. Most of the goods sold in our shop are approved for funding (we haven't had anything rejected yet).

It is essential when using funding you clear with your funding body first. This can be the organisation or in the case of Fachsia, your Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or Psychologist.

To place an order with your funding:

  1. When you have approval from your organisation or therapist you can choose your products online. Just go online and order what you feel your child would like or need.
  2. When entering the email address you can choose to use your own email and then forward to your provider, or you can put your providers email address.
  3. When you have finished your order, choose direct deposit as a payment option for your provider to make payment.
  4. In the COMMENTS box at the end of the order write, QUOTE ONLY. We can then put your order on hold until your provider has given approval.
  5. Take this invoice to your provider and when they clear it for approval they can pay the money owing into our bank account, we provide those details with the invoice.
  6. Once we have the money in the account we contact you to pick up your goods or have them ready to post out to you anywhere in Australia.

if you have any other questions re funding please contact us at or phone 0435 806 026

How to get a quote from One Stop Sensory Shop.

Its super easy, all you do is place your order online as per usual, when you get to the bottom of checkout there is a 'COMMENTS' section. In the COMMENTS section put QUOTE ONLY.

This will tell us you are just going for a quote at this time, we will put your order on HOLD until you contact us and let us know if you quote has been approved. Once your quote is approved, either email or call us with the order number, let us know and we will process your order right away.

Your quote will be automatically sent to the email you put into the order. Once you choose to proceed we will email a Tax Invoice.