Weighted Blankets

. All our blankets are filled with poly pellets, they are nontoxic, hypoallergenic and fully machine washable. Most importantly, they are safe. We do not use Rice…..if it gets wet it turns to glug, (what if someone spills their drink or wets the bed), Although covers can be used, unless they are waterproof they will not stop the contents of the blanket getting wet. It also encourages bugs, mice and rats and mold. Corn, similar to rice, not suitable to wash, and attracts vermin. Wheat is the same, with wheat there can also be the problem of smell which for many children on the spectrum is a huge issue. Metal pellets are another horror story, Metal holds heat, if it’s a very hot day the pellets will be hot too, not to mention they are not soft and squishy they are hard metal pellets. What if they put them in little plastic bags that are removable? Two problems with that, 1, if you can remove the bags, so can the user of the blanket. And 2, if you are sleeping under a blanket full of plastic bags, you are sleeping with a non-breathable fabric, This can apply to gel blankets as well, how can it breath. It would get hot and sweaty. If you use a blanket that can be heated, then what if you overheat, you have no choice but to remove the blanket, removing the Deep Pressure therapy that weighted blankets provide. We do not pad our blankets with padding, our blankets have are designed for weight, not heat, you can use our blankets all year round, summer winter autumn spring. The texture is soft and squishy and a sensory delight. Our Blankets are all made with Cotton or polly cotton, double stitched to make sure the pellets stay in place. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket, regardless of what size you choose. Occupational Therapists recommend 10% of a person’s body weight for blankets,