Comprehensive Sensory Kit

this comprehensive kit comes with things to calm, de-stress, fidget and generally help with the heebeegeebee's perfect for school, idea for teachers to have on their desk or students to have on their desk. choc a block full of great fun. Colours may vary. occasionally an item may run out, if so we replace with same kind of tool. Please note on occasion some items may not be available but will be replaced by another product of similar value and style.
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Comprehensive Sensory Kit
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Each kit contains: spike ball, bouncing putty, stress ball, funny face, squeezy frog ring, koosh ball, rainbow mesh ball, noise putty, ocean water ball, Bendy Monkey, spiky flashing massage ball, wooden hand massager, wooden spinning top (fine motor), squishy flashy animal, splat tomato, stretchy lizzards or men, or frogs or snakes., magnifier glass, wooden puzzle stick, snake puzzle, Hairy puffer Ball, slime,
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