Fitted Zippy Sheets

When your child is zipped up in their Zippy Sheets they can’t kick their covers off ensuring night-long warmth and a better sleep for the whole family. Gives toddlers the extra confidence and security they need to transition to their first big bed. Helps prevent little children rolling out of bed, getting twisted up in sheets or covers going over their head in the night. Promotes solid sleeping habits and positive bedtime routines for children of all ages. Making beds (especially bunk beds) is now simple, quick and hassle-free. No more re-making beds or finding flat sheets crumpled at the bottom of the bed. Simple and stylish fabric designs will complement existing bed covers and bedroom decor. All-in-one bedding set which can also be used for sleep-overs, holidays, kindy & camping trips.
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Fitted Zippy Sheets
Fitted Zippy Sheets are wonderful for restless sleepers who kick their sheets off. They are a fitted sheet, with the top sheet sew on with the excess trimmed off and a large zipper on both sides to get in and out. very much like a sleeping bag but wider and of course not insulated. They have a little velcro flap to hold the zip in place so it doesn't slide down in their sleep. But is always able to be undone by the child, THIS IS NOT A RESTRAINING DEVICE. We use normal sheeting material, preferably cotton or polycotton. Ours are all Australian made by local ladies to the highest level of quality.
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