Push it Pop it toys

New Age Push it Pop it fidget toys for children

A new craze for fidget toys among kids is here as Push it Pop it. The basic silicone bubble wrap is a must-have fidget toy in the playground of children with autism. 

The sensory jitter bubble pop-it has small “bubbles” that you can squeeze and “pop”.  

These fidget toys are reusable and washable, they come in a wide variety of fun colors and shapes to help children and adults get through the bubble from side to side.  

They are very easy to use and are designed to provide a sensory experience that will help children with autism focus again at home and at school. It is also said to help people with anxiety and improve fine motor skills.

Here are some amazing “Push it Pop it” fidget toys that are relaxing and helpful for children with sensory disabilities like autism:

1. Push it Pop it Rainbow


2. Push it Pop it Glow in the Dark


3. Push it Pop it Marble


4. Push it Pop it Solid marble


5. Push and Pop Keychain – Triple 


6. Push it Pop it Fidget toy


7. Push it Pop it Solid rainbow


8. Push it Pop it Solid plain


You can shop these amazing “Push it Pop it” fidget toys for your kids here.

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