Restless and anxious children have difficulty sitting still without doing anything. Fidgeting is important for them to relieve stress and anxiety. The exclusive range of fidget toys provided by us helps them relax as well as learn new sensory sensations. Browse the amazing range of fidget toys for your children available at One Stop Sensory Shop! 

The toys we offer are perfect for different environments, our fidget toys are perfect for schools to help kids focus and engage in learning by providing a sensory outlet, they are also a perfect complement for daycare centers, preschools, and homes.  

Some of the children who are known to benefit from fidget toys include the ones with ADHD, autism, and anxiety disorders. Fidget toys provide a safe outlet for your anxiety when touching, playing, lifting, and moving your body. 

The soft fur and the gentle vibration of our lively fur animals make them excellent fidget toys when children are anxious or in a state of fear. For extra durability, we have vibration cushions or pillows so that your child can sit still at dinner, at school, or on long car journeys. These cushions or pillows are good for children as they help them with sleep problems providing a subtle sensation that aids peaceful sleep. 

For visual stimulation, we have many fidget toys. The interactive light show toys that follows your finger and attaches to car seat belts, handbag straps, and seat belts. Another classic visual toy is the kaleidoscope, which offers soothing and fascinating images that the child can control with a simple turn of the scope.  

We also have many stretchy and flexible toys for children who like to manipulate something when they are under stress. Our squishy, stretchy dinosaurs and caterpillars can keep little ones occupied for hours as they develop the strength and function of their hands. Bendable toys promote fine motor skills and can be twisted around the finger, which makes them great fidgets! We provide a popular range of fidget toys for children and adults too.

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