Proprioception Kit


Over $250 in value!!

This kit would suit one child or a group of children sharing.
It has an assortment of great tools to help with Proprioception.
Kit includes:
Cup Catch
Elliptical Ball
Bean bags set of 6
Scooter Board
Scooter Paddles
Rock n Hopper
Skip o Hop
Catch Tail Ball
Egg and Spoon x 2
Punch Balloon x 2
Pom Pom ball x 2
High steppers
Fitness Dice

**Some of these items may arrive separately to main order.

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Proprioception is the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in immediate response to incoming information regarding external forces, by utilizing stretch receptors in the muscles to keep track of the joint position in the body.
Proprioception allows us to learn new motor skills, it is a key component in muscle memory and hand-eye coordination and training can vastly improve this sense.

To ensure movements are fast, precise, and coordinated the nervous system must constantly receive sensory information to be able to adjust and correct movements. The nervous system achieves this mainly through the cerebellum, which receives sensory information about positions of the joints and body from the proprioceptors.

It is a common mistake to assume that everybody has the same level of proprioceptive ability.


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