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Sensory toy for pressure therapy, helps children keep calm

It offers an imaginative play way to help children relax quickly. The RollEase Rolling Pin can be incorporated into activities or used as needed.
The Rolling Pin is great for children that experience regular meltdowns, suffer from anxiety, or are hyperactive. The Rolling Pin is an instant calming tool, that allows you to connect and help your child feel safe and calm.
Use your imagination to play fun games at home or school.
You can take turns with your child Rolling The Pin across each other’s back, get your child to lay on their tummy, and pretend they are a pizza or giant cookie.
Ideal for special needs therapy and sensory tools
RollEase Rolling Pin applies deep pressure to help with sensory calming
Created for all ages – even for teachers!
Designed by experts, perfect for use at home or the classroom
RollEase measures approximately 81cm and can be stored on a wall by its handle for easy access.
The roller is approximately 50cm, approximately 7.5cm wide, and the handles are approximately 15 cm.
Sold individually or as a set of 2

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Rollease Rolling Pin



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