Pea Pod assorted sizes

This product may be eligible for FaHCSIA Helping Children with Autism Funding (HCWA). Please check with your therapist as to their recommendations and protocol for purchasing. THis item is not kept in store but ordered on request. We can arrange for it to be sent directly if preferred once payment is received. Size Medium 157cm Size Large 203cm
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great for children with attention difficulties, autism, ADHD and for calming kids before meltdowns. The Veggie Kids Beg For! Want an affordable kid-initiated calmer? Have a child who needs deep pressure? This pea 'pod' is a fantastic solution. The durable inflatable tool is made with super-strong vinyl and has tough triple welded seams for added strength. Most children can get in the 'pod' themselves, applying deep, even pressure to many sensitive areas of the body. Some children like to gently rock side-to-side, for that perfect 'cocooning-calm.' The velvety 'pod' surface is made with comfortable flocked vinyl. Surface-washable
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