Cozy Shades / Classroom Mood Light Filters

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Product Description Cozy Shades – Say goodbye to annoying flickering fluorescent lights Not only are flickering fluorescent lights annoying and distracting, it can also cause headaches, eye strain and anxiety in children. Cozy Shades are in an inexpensive solution to this problem. Cozy Shades light filters are easy to use the soft coloured material has 6 magnets along the edge, making it easy to put them up and take down, move them around as you need them with ease. The light coloured material allows enough light through for a good working environment while taking away the harsh glare from the fluorescent light. We love Cozy Shades and have them all through out our office and therapy rooms. Many Schools, Pre-Schools and Day Cares across Australia have discovered the Cozy Shades. Once you use this product and see the difference it makes, you’ll find it hard to work in an environment without them. Colour: Blue and Green available ONLY Size: Each Panel – Approximately 138cm x 61cm Quantity: Comes in packs of 4
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